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Dario Nik-Lund

  • Have the acupuncture exam from the acupuncture school by Dr. , Ph.D. Kjeld Bruun Jensen

  • Certified as Thorax (ribcage) acupuncturist from the Danish Patient Safety Authority

And also recognized with the protected title RAB (Registered Alternative Therapist) by the Danish Patient Safety Authority

  • Columna therapist educational course in 1½ year at Lasota Academy

  • Authorised dental Hygienist from the universities Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark

  • Holding master degree in public health (MPH) from the university of Copenhagen

  • Medical studies in 4 years at the university of Copenhagen

  • Many courses due to the respective field of professions mentioned above



I`m educated as a dental hygienist to begin with. Later on I`ve studied medicine and in 2011 I was graduated with a master degree in public health with specialties epidemiology and biostatistics. After the graduation I was hired as assistant lecturer at the University of Copenhagen with teaching duties in epidemiology, social medicine, national public health and clinical tasks within dental hygiene curriculum.


Besides the theoretical studies I`ve obtained professional course studies in among others acupuncture treatments which I completed in 2017 from an acupuncture and TCM school running by MD. , Ph.D. Kjeld B.Jensen.

Since my graduation I`ve worked with variety of dysfunctions in whole body.


Since 2021 I was participated in the study course of columna therapist, which uses principles from osteopathic medicine and manual therapy. After the end course I`ve been treating clients with dysfunctional in musculoskeletal system under the title: Myoskeletal Alignments.


Besides the above mentioned work experiences I also have 18 years work history within the odontological profession (within dental profession). I have a broad experience in treating jaw joint dysfunctions and as well as teeth grinding (bruxisem) with acupuncture/infrared lights as laser bims and other dental profession treatments of the facial muscle groups, muscles in neck and upper thorax (ribcage).


In the past many years I`ve developed the concept of combining of the treatments methods, where I`ve seen sufficient effects from these combinations which I strongly recommend.


As it is mentioned above I have the protected title RAB which is issued and protected from the Danish Health authorities and is the guaranty for patient safety.


I`m also professionally and administrative organized by DAKOBE (Danish Complementary Therapist Union) which is under the Danish Health authorities control.


Due to my treatments area around the ribcage (Thorax) it is necessary to mention that I`M certified therapist which is issued from Danish Patient safety Authority.



  • RAB registered within DAKOBE

  • Authorisation number as dental hygienist:023DR

  • (registration as independent professional therapist: 25322363

  • Member of the private insurance company

For acupuncture treatments: danmark

Price list

Price lists for the treatments:



Acupuncture  45 min.-----------------------------475 kr.

Acupuncture with

Laser treatment, 45 min.-------------------------650 kr.

Bodt therapy  45 min.: First time:

diagnosis, history of the illness etc.----------650 kr.

Following session  60 min.-----------------------650 kr.



Cupping   35 min.------------------------------------350 kr.


Massage (both ordinary, deep tissue, sports massage, lymphatic massage or pregnant massage):


Massage   35 min.------------------------------------350 kr.

Massage   45 min.------------------------------------475 kr.

Massage   60 min.------------------------------------600 kr.

Massage with acupuncture 45 min.------------500 kr.


(pregnant with acupuncture) 60 min.----------600 kr.

Massage with acupuncture 45 min.------------500 kr.

Massage with acupuncture 60 min.------------600 kr.

Massage with cupping 45 min.-------------------475 kr.

Massage with cupping  60 min.------------------600 kr.


Laser therapy:

Laser treatment alone:  15-20 min.-------------400 kr.

Laser with acupuncture 45 min.-----------------650 kr.

Laser with massage 45 min.-----------------------650 kr.

Laser with massage 60 min.-----------------------750 kr.

Shockwave therapy alone: 15-20 min.---------400 kr.

Shockwave with massage 45 min.---------------575 kr.

Shokwave with massage  60 min.----------------750 kr.

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